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Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous characters in literature. People who have never read a word of Arthur Conan Doyle's works can conjure up an image of the great detective and quote lines of his. Here are some trivia, facts, and fallacies of Holmes, his friends, and foes.

  • As someone mentioned before, Dr. House is based off Holmes and his apartment number is the same as Holmes's address.

  • Conan Doyle's original idea for a name (crossed out in the manuscript) was Sherrinford Holmes and another, 'Sheridan Hope,' was changed to 'Jefferson Hope' as the antagonist of 'A Study in Scarlet.'

  • The character has been played by more than 70 actors in over 200 films.

  • Holmes lived at 221b Baker Street London (now in NW1 6XE) The address is now the home of the Sherlock Holmes museum and has been known to get mail for the great detective.

  • Doyle became so tired of Holmes that he wrote The Final Problem in order to kill him off. The public's demands for more stories lead Doyle to resurrect Holmes in The Adventure of the Empty House.

  • He never once wore his famous 'hat' in the original books--that was added later.

  • There’s been over 260 movies, 2 musicals and a ballet called The Great Detective all featuring Sherlock Holmes

Many discussions take place about where 221 В was. There is no house there now. But a large company has its office near the place. This company answers twenty or so letters which still come every week to Sherlock Holmes, 221 В Baker Street. Most come from the United States and many people ask if Mr. Holmes can help them with some problem.

The company answers saying that "Mr. Sherlock Holmes is no longer working as a detective".

There is a pub in London called Sherlock Holmes. One of the rooms in the pub is Sherlock Holmes* room. It has many things the room in Conan Doyle's stories had - Holmes' hat, some letters written to Sherlock Holmes, chairs and tables like those described in the stories. Besides, there are some pictures of Holmes and Conan Doyle, of actors who played Holmes and Watson in films, on television and radio.

In 1961 lovers of Sherlock Holmes formed the Sherlock Holmes Society. They meet three or four times a year to talk about Sherlock Holmes. The members of the Society know the stories about Sherlock» Holmes very well, and they discuss, these stories at their meetings.

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