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9. Fill in the correct word from the list below. Some words may be used more than once.

thought, habit, schedule, feel, boring,

bored, please, displeased, enough

  1. She was ___ at my tactlessness.

  2. He often acts without ___.

  3. It was ___ to sit there without anything to do.

  4. I was so___ – I almost fell asleep.

  5. She has a ___ of leaving the front door open when she goes out.

  6. She is very hard to___.

  7. He was deep in___.

  8. Children get bored if they don’t have ___ to do.

  9. I usually ___ too tired to cook after a day at the office.

  10. At first you think “I’ll just have one cigarette,” but then it becomes a ___ and you’re smoking 60 a day.

  11. I’m afraid she has a very busy ___ at the moment and she doesn’t have time for interviews.

10. Match the sentence beginnings (a-g) with their endings (1-7).

  1. I was going to watch the late-night movie ...

  1. and now he’s very successful.

  1. I want to see you ...

  1. playing video games.

  1. They were short of time, ...

  1. and now she never sees her old friends.

  1. If they hurry ...

  1. to travel all over the world.

  1. Bobby spends all his free time ...

  1. but I was just too tired.

  1. Success enabled her ...

  1. they can catch the 8:30 bus.

  1. Five years ago he started his own business ...

  1. so they agreed to put off the meeting.

  1. Three years ago she married a successful businessman, ...

  1. before I leave.


Time Expressions

— Excuse me, what time is it?

— What’s the time?

— Can you tell me the time?

— Yes, sure. It’s ... o’clock.

— I’m sorry. My watch is wrong / slow / fast.

— Thanks. / Thank you.

— You are welcome. / Any time.

Telling the time

11. Match the time.

  1. It’s three o’clock.

a) 12.25

  1. It’s a quarter past eight.

b) 8.05

  1. It’s ten thirty.

c) 11.25

  1. It’s five to five.

d) 1.58

  1. It’s nine twenty five.

e) 8.15

  1. It’s twenty-five to eleven.

f) 4.55

  1. It’s two to two.

g) 10.35

  1. It’s eleven twenty-five.

h) 9.25

  1. It’s five past eight.

i) 10.30

  1. It’s twenty thirty-five.

j) 3.00

12. What is the difference between 8 a.M. And 8 p.M.? Look at the chart and check your answer.










00.00 = midnight

    1. = midday (noon)

in the morning / in the afternoon / in the evening / in the daytime

BUT: at night / at midnight / at noon

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