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/ What we are flogged in stores

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What we are floggedin stores

- I adorethis Mr. Ricco .

- You seem to takeit seriously ...

- Yeah, but doyou know , what 's his secret ?

In fact ... that this " Italian mayonnaise on the quail eggs " is producednot in Sicily ,butat the Kazan oil and fat plant . And Italians aren’t involved in this process at all. Why mayonnaise couldn’t be named, for example, " Uncle Nick "?Marketing experts have their ownview of the world - theygo above and beyond to proove the captious consumers that their product is the best. And half the battlelies in properly selected title.What kind of effect haveadvertisingtoolson ordinary consumers ? And whatis the secret of this?

" Its been a native , non-polluting "

Before you choose a name , marketers are scratching their heads for a long time , hold focus groups and other research. But the basic principles of naming ( the English name - " name " ) in Russia remain the same for many years.

- In food dominated Russian name - says Marina Tevlin , head of qualitative research company " GfK -Rus " . - The consumer they cause a conditioned reflex - a sense of their own, native , environment-friendly .

Here are manufacturers and adapt to the consumers. For example , margarine " Doughnut " tea " Conversation" produced the Anglo -Dutch Unilever. The Swiss company Nestle also gave the names of many of its products in the Cyrillic alphabet . The advertising campaign " Russia - a generous soul " operates in full public stereotype. Alpen Gold chocolate and " Air " are made by the same factory in the Cover , which is owned by the corporation Kraft Foods.

But not so simple. According to experts , the Russian names are more attractive if it is necessary to sell relatively cheap goods . Delicatessen ( or applying for a premium niche products ) better assign imported nickname. For example , the company " McFee" has released a new series under the brand of pasta Grand di Pasta. The user responds to the Italian name . And have fun , not to eat noodles Russia , and the " real" Italian pasta .

- This psychological phenomenon is easily explained - says Viktor Michaelson , managing partner of the consulting group "Communicator " . - What do you think, why people buy fake stuff with brands Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss? To look in the eyes of other, more affluent, fashionable and attached to a particular culture. The same goes for other goods. The realization that you're drinking coffee or Brazilian Using A French cosmetics (think of a network of shops " L'Etoile " and " Ile de Beauté " ) , many great pleasure .

It will not hurt import brand in the case if the company sells products that are not characteristic for Russia . For example , tea Greenfield won the recognition of consumers using the English name and distinctive packaging with labels in English . Therefore, the buyers a complete illusion that they drink " real English tea," and therefore are willing to pay for it. It is noteworthy that the Russian manufacturer does not advertise that the English origin of tea - a legend . Although Greenfield packaged under Peter, and to grow as expected, China and Sri Lanka.

Italian style and German quality

There are niches where the imported good name , and Russian - death. In most product segments still the dominant brand in Latin. As for clothes , household appliances, cosmetics, here our people think: " If imported , then quality ." And this simple truth (or error ), many Russian companies have traditionally used to its fullest. Since Soviet times, all imported were in short supply and was perceived as sweet " forbidden fruit ."

- In most product categories there is more confidence in imported products and domestic considered lower quality , - Marina Tevlina .

Judge for yourself . Taganrog plant began to produce their models with the title Road Partner. Why not call a car produced in Russia , in Russian ? answer


simple -


the consumer does not understand. AvtoVAZ even the names of their latest models writes Latin - Priora and Kalina, although patriotic tone in which all sound the same .

What can we say about the clothes with shoes ? They are best sold only with imported labels. Who are the buyers know that Carlo Pazolini actually a 100 % local company and manufactures its shoes in Chinese factories ? The hope was that the Italians - Trendsetters in stylish shoes. The only problem is that if the fashion designer Giorgio Armani does exist , there is no Carlo Pazolini in the world of fashion has never been and is not. As the story goes , Russian business proprietress named his company after the great Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini .

- If she liked Fellini and Antonioni , the firm would be called differently - whether in jest or earnest , told "KP" one of the marketers.

Do not fall behind and clothing manufacturers : Savage, Oggi, O'Stin and Gloria Jeans successfully masquerade as imported brands , but do not hide their Russian origin, and the fact that almost all products are sewn in Southeast Asia. That's just about the most consumers may not realize - Latin name subconsciously calms them , convincing as the acquired belongings .

Talk about the world's largest computers and microchips produced in Russia , invariably makes a mockery of our customers. Well, we do not believe in what our electronics or appliances may be at a decent level . That accounts for our traders to disguise themselves . For example, under the Germans (trademark Bork). In this case, the marketing works perfectly . But the bright wrapper can only draw the customer's attention . And then - it's up to the quality of the product itself .

- The market is still not fooled , - said Victor Michaelson . - If any of the manufacturers will offer city .. with the name " Imported chocolate " high prices , then consumers will figure it out quickly and stop buying . How to be beautiful whatever name brand, it will only buy for the price that consumers are willing to pay for it , based on the qualitative characteristics of the goods.

Brands - shifters

Sometimes you have to change the name of the product for other reasons. The fact that multinational companies working in many countries. In this case, it is much more convenient if one brand is stamped all over the place : then the cost of marketing and advertising are significantly reduced . But sometimes a particular product has to be adapted to local conditions - otherwise not be sold. Especially when different languages ​​brand name becomes funny or even obscene sound ...

The examples are not far to seek - even Coca-Cola had to change the name of its world-famous soft drink in the Chinese market only because of the fact that the language of the Middle Kingdom is the phrase means "bite the tadpole ." Failed to consider the speech features in entering the French market and the company Colgate-Palmolive. She released toothpaste Cue. Buyers laughed a fist and brush your teeth it is not wanted. Still - it was such a name is a popular French porn magazine

The American company General Motors at the time began to supply the Latin American market ( the main language in the region spanish ) model Chevrolet Nova. It seems common name , but it turned out that in Spanish No Va means " Do not move" ... The brand had to quickly change . And our "Lada" was called Lada only because the Italian original name VAZ cars very much in tune gigolo ( means " pimp " ) .

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