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/ The resumption of confrontation

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The resumption of confrontation

The main issues of concern between the US and Russia are : Russian assistance to Iran's nuclear program, Energy Security, the situation in Georgia, Ukraine and Palestine, and the missile defense system, deployable by the US in Europe. US funded a number of Russian non-governmental organizations and political parties under the pretext of democracy. May 4, 2006, US Vice President Richard Cheney, gave a speech in Vilnius, which now called the "Vilnius" like "Fulton" Churchill's speech. He said, that US is not happy with "Russia's use of its mineral resources as a foreign policy weapon, violation of human rights and the destructive actions of Russia in the international arena." Russia's refusal to cease cooperation with Iran, Syria, North Korea, Belarus, and other countries, "alarming" in the U.S., results in permanent conflict between Russia and UN in the UN Security Council. A conflict under US plans to deploy the elements of its missle defence system in Poland and the Czech Republic flared up in early 2007. According to the US administration, that move is aimed at protecting Europe from the North Korean and Iranian missiles. The Russian government rejects this explanaqtion. February 8, 2007, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that "the United States should be prepared for a possible armed conflict with Russia." Vladimir Putin in his turn harshly criticized US foreign policy at the Munich Security Conference February 10, 2007. General Solovtsov, chief of the Strategic Missile Forces, also said that if the elements of the U.S. missile defense still be posted in Eastern Europe, Russia may denounce the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles. 14 July 2007 Putin signed a decree "On Suspending the Russian Federation of the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty and related international agreements." Observers believe that this decision was the first step in the direction of the Russian leadership to a radical change in the military and political situation in Europe, emerging from the beginning of the 1990s not in Russia's favor. In August 2008, the invasion of Georgian troops in South Ossetia gave a new round of confrontation between Russia and the United States. Russian troops cleared the almost completely occupied the breakaway republic of the Georgian army area, and for several days continued to bomb military targets throughout Georgia, after which Russia officially recognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states. Further existence of NATO adn Russia Council was questioned. Francis Fukuyama noted with the election of Barack Obama's first term, "I do not exclude that relations of Cold Warcould be resumed, when we had to deal with the Russian, who could not be trusted, and which at any moment could resort to military force. Only difference will be that, unlike the Soviet Union, Russia is more more vulnerable because it more integrated into the global economy. This imposes certain constraints on the actions of Russia, which did not exist during the Cold War ".

"US policy toward Russia could hardly be called responsible and cautious, it is irresponsibly aggressive" (Paul Craig Roberts, July 2009).

07.01.2009, at the briefing on policies of the outgoing administration of US President George W. Bush, his national security adviser Stephen Hadley, speaking about relations of US and Russia, formulated the results of recent years this way : "...President Bush worked hard to put the bilateral relations of the confrontation channel during the Cold War, in the way of cooperation in those areas where we have common interests, thus solving their differences in an open, consistent and transparent manner." Hadley marked cooperation of US and Russia in the field of nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation of WMD in solving the Iranian and North Korean issues and supporting the negotiating process to achieve peace in the Middle East as the achievements.

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