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Словари - 2006 / словарь

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@address:= short form for e-mail address -- which contains the '@' symbol -- used to differentiate between electronic and snail-mail addresses

Example: I have a new @ddress. Please update your address book.

@A's and C's:= n. (plural) abbr. of Arts and Crafts. Slang form, creative endeavour.

Example: They're letting me out of that place today so I can do some A's and C's.

@A'stake:= A mistake, (Thanks, Erin.)

Example: I'm sorry, I made a'stake.

@A-Bag:= Real estate exchanger term meaning a keeper property that would not be traded off without a substantial advantage gained.

Example: That's a good property--it's A-Bag.

@A-D-orable:= Really adorable and cute.

Example: Look at that guy, he's A-D-orable!

@a-delic:= Usually seen after funk, mack, or shag. Emphasizes the previous word to its maximum.

Example: That lowrider is pimp-a-delic.

@a-dollar-three-eighty:= The price for anything.

Example: Question: How much is it? Answer: A-dollar-three-eighty.

@a-game:= To do your best effort possible in any endeavor, not just pertaining to sports.

Example: I didn't do to well on that test last week, next time I'm going to bring my A-game.

@A-list:= A mythical group of weblogs and personal sites (and their creators) who are simply Much Cooler Than You. It is worth noting that (a) no such list actually exists, (b) those who are on the list adamantly deny its existence, and (c) it is not the same as the Cabal. A-list is frequently used in a mocking manner by those who are not members.

Example: Oh, one link from kottke.org and now you go all A-list on us! OR You haven't seen this yet? All the A-listers linked to it.

@a-loin:= Used in the place alone. Especially leave me alone.

Example: I'm having a bad day, so just leave me a-loin.

@A-madnay:= (uh-mad-nay) From the French, un moment donnй, at a given time.

Example: We really need to catch up. Maybe we could go for coffee a-madnay.

@a-scared:= Like afraid, but not as dramatic. Usually an adjective, but sometimes a verb.

Example: Oh, you a-scared me, I didn't know anyone was here.

@a (good) kay and a half:= One and a half kilometres; the distance to anywhere from anywhere else; a long way.

Example: Where's Christie's Beach? About a kay and a half that way.

How far are we from home? We'd be a good kay and a half, I reckon.

@A Buck One-Eighty:= You have A Buck Three-Eighty. I have always heard it this way--so there's a variant.

Example: Wonder if a buck three-eighty is actually the same amount as a buck one-eighty?

@a buck three eighty:= The price for anything.

Example: Q: How much is this, sir? A: That's a buck three eighty.

@a case of the ass or redass:= Highly annoyed, pissed off. Currently used in US Army.

Example: Sergeant Greenfield has this huge case of the ass with me ever since I wrecked his humvee.

@a couple two three:= I guess this means two or three. (We don't say this in Chicago. It's a weird thing they say out west or something.)

Example: He had a couple two three dogs in his yard.

@a dollar three eightyfive:= A nonsensical price for when one does not want to give the real price.

Example: How much did my Lexus cost? A dollar three eightyfive.

@a double:= A twenty dollar bill.

Example: I've got eighty dollars on me, all I need is a double to make it a hundred.

[A double sawbuck is a twenty. Read Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler to see fin, sawbuck, and double sawbuck in action.]

@a fin:= Five dollars. (Gamblers use it for $500.)

Example: All I have is a fin and two dollars in change in my pocket.

@a freddy:= a pint of beer, more specifically a pint of heineken, named after the late freddy heineken

Example: Two freddys and a ginger ale, please.

@a happy Birthday:= A phrase mostly used by guys when they catch themselves in a situation when

a girl exposes some part of her anatomy without knowing it, clothed or not.

Usually happens at the gym.

Example: Did you see that girl's shirt? Now that is a happy birthday.

@A List:= The people at school who are cooler than anyone else in the school.

Example: I'm not cool enough to go out with her--she's A list.

@a Monet:= Someone who is very good looking from a distance, yet from up close the attraction diminishes.

Example: He was hot from afar, but he turned out to be a Monet when I went up to speak.

@a mouse in his pocket:= Phrase used to describe someone large, probably very strong, but intensely stupid. From _Of Mice and Men_[?]

Example: We've got a new guy at work who worries me; I swear I think he's got a mouse in his pocket.

@a nifty:= A fifty dollar bill.

Example: I borrowed a nifty from my mom and she upped it five bucks more.Now I owe her fifty-five dollars.

@a pig in your pocket:= Used when a person doesn't want to assist another.

Example: What do you mean we? Is there a pig in your pocket?

@a sims moment:= Brief moment in which you can relate something in real life to something in the computer simulation game The Sims. Usually occurs after rounds of playing said game.

Example: I'm having a sims moment. This kitchen looks almost like what I did in The Sims last night.

@a sleeve:= A hundred dollar bill.

Example: I got seven hundred dollars, all in sleeves.

@a solid:= A favor.

Example: Do me a solid and send me that website link.

@a whole 'nother:= An entirely different. I've noticed this phrase in the vocabulary of many people of various backgrounds and have even heard it on national TV, but I have yet to see it written down (before now).

Example: That's a whole 'nother story.

@A.R. three-eighty:= An anal rententive person. A perfectionist.

Example: Ugh, look at how he constantly straightens his hair. What an A.R. three-eighty.

@A:= An A tuning fork.

Example: Man, my guitar's way out of tune. Can you pass me my A?

@Aabar:= To use sly, deceitful, or illegal tactics to occupy the first place in any ordered listing, esp. phone directories.

Example: You will have to aabar well to rank higher in the dictionary than this.

@aaboos:= Abuse. Brummie translation of the Welsh.

Example: You are aaboosing me, you naughty Welshman.

@aaiight!:= All Right! Used in times of intense emotion.

Example: Dad: Son, get in there and clean your room. Son: Aaiight!

@aarqeunaamaaei:= (Pronounciation: arch-ay-nay-mey) Used in the place of arch enemy. However, aarqeunaamaaei usually refers to political enemies.

(Plural: aarqeunaamaaeis)

Example: Fidel Castro and George W. Bush are aarqeunaamaaeis.

@Aazing:= Like amazing, but not quite.

Example: The 30-story building was aazing.

@abacoral:= The backbone of a snail.

Example: Hello, class. We're going to look for abacorals today.

@Abal:= Used by the younger generation to label a person as dumb, uncouth, unsophisticated.

Example: You're just an Abal.

@abbamatically:= The tendency for an unbearably cloying song to

repeat over and over in your head all day after hearing it on the radio.

Example: More Than a Woman has been playing abbamatically in my head since breakfast.

@abbeverate:= To feed a person a drink, to offer a drink, or provide a drink.

Example: I'm going to abbeverate our guests before they die of thirst.

@Abdicate:= To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

Example: If you drink 24 beers a day you must be prepared to abdicate seeing your toes again.

@abeer:= used in place of ahmen, usually as a type of thanks.

Example: Paul-I'll get the next round of sodas. Group (in unision)-abeer!

@abella:= Someone who owns everything possible.

Example: That abella rules at Counter-strike.

@Aberzombie:= One who wears only Abercrombie & Fitch clothing.

Example: Trust me, you're not his type. He's only into other Aberzombies like himself.

@abnatural:= an obscene violation of what is natural.

Example: McDonald's food, industrial pollution, and repression of happiness are all abnatural, screaming contradictions to healthy existence.

@abode:= A board. A piece of lumber used to build a structure.

Example: Is that abode fence?

@aboot:= About. Used to emphasize Canadianess.

Example: You're Canadian?

What are you talking aboot, eh?

@abra-kebabra:= The inevitability that the kebab you are consuming at 3am after one too many beers

with your mates will reappear in the very near future.

Example: We had almost made it home after a big night out when suddenly....abra-kebabra.

@ABS:= Asshole Behavior Scale. Logarithmic scale from 1 to 10 used to measure how much of an asshole someone is being. Similar to the Richter scale for earthquakes with each whole number representing an intensity 10 times greater than the next lower number.

Example: Chris's extremely cranky again today. Had to be at least a 6.2 on the ABS.

@absogoddamnlutely:= Ultimate absolutely.

Example: I am absogodamnlutely sure I've used this word hundreds of times.

@absoludacris:= Something absolutely ludicrous--say, to Mr. T, for example.

Example: Drugs are *bad* Drugs are absoludacris.

@absoludicrous:= The peak of ridiculousness. Absolutely ludicrous.

Example: Look! That guy has blue hair. How absoludicrous.

@absonotly:= Used when the intent is to most definitely decline in no uncertain terms.

Example: I absonotly won't do that.

@absopause:= (n) When, for some odd reason, everyone shuts up and listens when you talk. Rare.

Example: During the absopause, everyone heard Rob's plan.

@absopositively:= (adj) Absolutely and positively combined.

Example: I am absopositively sure that Milton likes you.

@absosilence:= (n) When everyone in a noisy room becomes silent at the same time with no apparent cause.

Example: Three-hundred people shut up at the same time. The absosilence was weird.

@absotively-posilutely:= Scrambled absolutely and positively.

Example: I am absotively-posilutely sure about that.

@Absotively:= Combination of absolutely and positively. Usually used an answer to a request.

Example: Q: Will you go to the store for me?

A: Absotively.

@abstractional-dopmology:= The study of brown dots in any carpet.

Example: I see you've been catching up on your abstractional-dopmology.

@Absurdbaijan:= (n) The realm or domain of absurd ideas.

Example: John must be from Absurdbaijan; he thinks aliens are spying on him with mashed potatoes.

@abuba:= Huh?

Example: My math teacher asked me, Can you prove that there are infinitely many real numbers? I replied, Abuba?

@abyssagation:= A void before a great discovery, as well as a person who has writers' block and then writes better than he's ever written.

Example: Any inventor has experienced abyssagation in his life at least once.

@Abyssicaletphedence:= An endless nothingness of boredom.

Example: James sat in abyssicaletphedence druing class.

@abyssinia:= I'll be seeing you.

Example: Abyssinia!

@AC:= Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Example: AC is a pretty ghetto town.

@Accckkkk:= Exclamation.

Example: Accckkkk! The monkey sold the liver I was planning on using for the transplant.

@accellurate:= To add (a lot, and fast) extra minutes to your cellular plan.

Example: I've been accellurated to 3000 minutes on nights and weekends.

@accipurp:= A deliberate act intended to appear accidental

Example: I hit him by accipurp.

@accipurpodentally:= Accidentally on purpose, when you meant to do something but pretend you really didn't.

Example: I accipurpodentally hit on my sister's guy friend.

@accordianated:= Being able to refold a road map and drive at the same time.

Example: She showed how accordianated she was by folding up the road map and steering the car at the same time.

@accribitz, deccribitz:= Used in an episode of the TV show _Veronica's Closet_ when a character

could not think of a synonym for increase or decrease.

Example: I expect sales figures to accribitz in the next quarter.

@ace:= Ass, fool.

Example: I ran into a wall today, and felt like an ace.

@ace:= excellent, great

Example: I had an ace time at Jeff's party!

@ace:= One's best friend.

Example: Jim's my ace.

@aces:= Said in a very excited moment, when there is just nothing else to say. From poker, where the best hand is five aces.

Example: A. That gorgeous babe over there just asked me for your phone number. B. Aces!

@achecanantooch:= To eat foreign food.

Example: I'm hungry. Let's achecanantooch all night!

@acheye:= The pain you feel in your eyes after looking at a screen for ages.

Example: Acheye is really setting in now; but, boy, is this screen entertaining.

@Achoo:= Used when a conversation is boring, to stir excitement or some type of response, using follow by something like Oh, all the silence is making me sneeze.

Example: .... Achoo! Oh, Bless me, I'm allergic to silence.

@achuwie:= A varation of the word actually; a poor pronunciation of actually, often caused by speaking too fast.

Example: I achuwie am getting too excited. That's why my speech is slurred.

@ack:= Exclamation used to indicate surprise, irritation, or disgust, often with one's own actions.

Example: Ack! I deleted my entire inbox!

@acklapootis:= Cool, awesome, etc.

Example: Angelina Jolie is one acklapootis babe when she gets to talkin' about her and Billy Bob.

@aclueistic:= Incapable of having a clue

Example: If you have to ask, you must be aclueistic.

@acluistic:= Not having a clue.

Example: Those cable repair guys are acluistic.

@acrapulate:= Word used for describing a large amount of useless junk collected over a period of time .

Example: I can't believe how much I've acrapulated over the years.

@acribit:= To increase.

Example: There are many ways to acribit your wealth.

(P.S. Why would you write, Please use the word you are submitting in the example?

Are people honestly that stupid? Err, sorry, forget I said that. ;)

@acrojumble:= Using too many acronyms. Such as, I'd love to, but it is the DFR deadline week for all KIXs and ZSWs.

Example: Her memo was unreadable because of severe acrojumble.

@acronize:= To provide an acronym for.

Example: I tried to acronize his name into a befitting insult, but failed to produce anything suitable.

@Acronyze:= (verb) The process of shortening phrases, via an acronym, for the purpose of simplifing statements. Typically used in technical data reporting or inter-office e-mails.


Example: I didn't realize that phrase had been acronyzed.

@Action tooth:= A gold tooth. Can also mean to smile, as in Show me your action tooth.

Example: I got some pictures of you the other night flashing your action tooth.

@adalada:= Ay-duh-la-duh. Not a lot.

Example: Brandon: What's goin on?

Nicky: Adalada.

@adam henry:= From the phonetical representation for the letters a and h.

Typically used by law enforcement officers on the radio to inform another officer that the person

they are dealing with is behaving like an asshole.

Example: 104 to Control; start additional assistance for an adam henry

@adda be:= Congratulatory phrase, often used in a sarcastic manner.

Example: Your girlfriend just slapped you in front of the whole school? Adda be, doofus.

@addictant:= what you are addicted to

Example: Nicotine is quite an addictant.

@addictefreak:= One who is addicted to something 24/7.

Example: Boy, Sam is sure an addictefreak when it comes to StarCraft.

@Addy:= short form of address

Example: What is your addy? What is the addy?

@adevo:= A generally exaggerated amount. Also used to refer to smack downs in video games.

Example: Who wants to feel the adevo power?

@Adger:= A mistake, or pathetically stupid remark in conversation, usually involving disastrous consequences,

which could have been avoided with even the slightest amount of forethought.

Example: Oh, mate, that certainly was an enormous adger you made there, and now you look a right tit.

@adipolli:= Superb,Fantastic.

Example: The stage show was adipolli.

@admin:= Administrator. Also used to describe one who knows nothing about her job and ends up doing it poorly.

Example: Slim: Grrr. Who chose these workstations anyway? And why this software? Bob: Oh, that'd be the admin.

@administraitor:= A semi-high-level government employee who blows the whistle on her agency.

Example: Our former boss, Harvey, sure put a lot of us out of work. Damned administraitor.

@administrivia:= Small print at the bottom of written documents, particularly those written by corporate lawyers.


@administrivial, administrivia:= (adj, n) The useless corporate act of filling out development plans, status reports, email correspondence, replying to voicemail, etc. The things nobody would do unless he had to.

Example: I spent three hours taking care of all the administrivia (administrivial stuff) this afternoon.

@adorababe:= Adorable + babe. Used when someone is both hot and cute.

Example: My girlfriend is perfect, she's adorababe.

@adorabubble:= Super adorable. Almost too cute for words. Used to describe a person or object that makes you smile uncontrollably or tugs at your heart strings. Can be used to describe both actions and appearance.

Example: 1. The waitress brought my food and smiled at me in a way that was so adorabubble that I couldn't help but smile throughout my whole meal. 2. The kitten was cute, fuzzy, and tiny, and mewed in this little cute voice. We all agreed it was completely adorabubble and knew we had to take it home with us.

@adorkable:= Being adorable in a dorky sort of way.

Example: When Eric started to dance the jig at the concert he looked adorkable.

@adultyishness:= Adult-like behavior.

Example: She always displayed adultyishness. Even at the age of four.

@adunyaha:= A variation of duh, to be used only under extreme circumstances.

Example: A. Neil Armstrong went to the moon.

B. Adunyaha.

@advancity:= An advanced state.

Example: My mind boggles at your language advancity.

@advilation:= The act of taking anti-inflammatory medications on a regular basis, together with elevation one's leg. For example, to encourage more rapid healing of a broken ankle following surgery.

Example: The doctor prescribed advilation as treatment for the swelling and pain in my foot.

@aerobigitate:= The process of agitated oxygen molecules forming bubble pockets at the bottom of the sea

that eventually are released and bubble to the surface. A complex word deriving from the words aerobe (organism in an oxegen based atmosphere) and agitate (to stir up, mix together).

Example: On land, to form rain clouds, evaporation takes place;

whereas, in the ocean aerobigitation occurs creating bubbling.

@aerodynamicy:= Aerodynamic.

Example: Rounding the front end and tapering the back end will add to the wings' aerodynamicy.

@aerospew:= Spouting endless streams of meaningless words.

Example: The Senator's aerospew won him reelection.

@aewog:= Sound emitted by a tadpole the moment it becomes a frog.

Example: Aewog! croaked the newly-formed amphibian in a joyous tone.

@Afeared:= Afraid as used in vernacular, usually used by Southerners in book dialogue.

Example: Huck, I'm afeared o' this here cave.

@Affer:= Knowing or realizing something.

Example: I affer that the Detroit Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup.

@afflickaration:= a momentary power loss

Example: the school alarms are going off and computers are not working because of the afflickaration

@affluential:= Simultaneous possession of both money and power (or influence).

Example: When I'm affluential, I won't have to worry about anything.

@Affrotolerance:= The tolerance of tight perms.

Example: Check out his do. He must have a real affrotolerance to sport that barnet. (Barnet is colloquial London slang for hairdo.)

@afrodesiac:= A hot, sexy black man. Afro is optional.

Example: Ooh, girl, check out the afrodesiac walking this way.

@Agamemnon eats toast:= Yet another all-purpose expletive to be used when words like dammit are just too strong. Bound to confuse a good 95 percent of the people around you.

Example: Upon getting to a class and realizing you're completely unprepared, Agamemnon eats toast! (Note: this works particularly well if the lecture you've just wandered into is on classical mythology.)

@age:= Suffix placed on the end of just about anything for no particular reason. Sometimes used just for variety, sometimes used to create

interjections from verbs. Used extensively at one time by Amanda Quan of Seattle, WA.

Example: A. Hook me up some cheeseage. 2. (After pulling off a difficult nosegrind on your skateboard) Ooh! Grindage!

@Agent 21:= The member of you group of friends who just turned 21. Usually forced to go buy alcohol when the group runs out. Usually done for revenge for all the times you bought beer for them when they were under 21.

Example: Hey, Agent 21, we just ran out of beer. Your turn to go get a case.

@Ages of crap, half-assed piece:= When something becomes too difficult to be used.

Annoys people to no end, for...it forces peple to try, but to no avail.

Example: I got stuck in Max Payne yesterday. What an Ages of crap,

half-assed piece....

@agg:= Pertaining to something that is less than satisfactory or undesirable.

Example: That video game is totally agg.

@aggrannoyed:= The point at which you become aggressive.

Example: She kept on and kept on about my dress until I became aggrannoyed.

@Aggregutter:= The eventual result or harm caused by extreme accounting irregularities.

Example: A gross amount of creative accounting eventually sent the stock into the aggregutter.

@aggro-pablum:= Mock-agressive music marketed primarily to youngsters. Reference Limp Bizkit and their ilk.

Example: Music isn't dangerous any more. Bands like Tool are just so much aggro-pablum.

@Agilethic:= Characterized by natural or developed quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble.

Example: Jamie's agilethic prowess put him above the rest of the athletes.

@agnelicate:= Any sticky or glutinous liquid of unknown or unusual form generally without distinctive smell

Example: You have agnelicate on your sleeve.

@agnorant:= Arrogant and ignorant

Example: Most NJ drivers are agnorant.

@Agouraphobia:= Someone afraid of living in Agoura. Agoura is in the San Fernando Valley in California.

Example: You may have a fear of open places (agoraphobia); I have Agouraphobia.

@agrajag!:= Exclamation. My way of reminding myself that even though my situation's really really bad,

it could easily be worse.

See _Life, the Universe and Everything_ by Douglas Adams for more.

Example: Agrajag!

@agreeance:= When two or more people come to an agreement on an issue.

Example: My former boss actually used this word in meetings: Now that we are all in agreeance on the project we can establish our timeline.

@agreeing machine:= Someone who agrees with people so that they can become friends; comes from Kurt Vonnegut's

_Breakfast Of Champions_.

Example: I had to re-evaluate my friendship with Steve once I realized that he is an agreeing machine.

@agro, aggro:= To be feeling or acting severely annoyed or displeased.

Example: Candace just went agro all over that sales clerk.

@Agro:= Means extreme aggrovation or aggression/anger.

Example: I have massive Dad agro right now because I crashed the car into the garage.

@agrobabble:= To talk in (confusing) technical terms about agriculture or horticulture

Example: When they explained what the workmen were doing in the garden I didn't understand a word.

It was agrobabble to me.

@ahbagtorificahhh:= the noise you make when you step on to a a thumb tack with all of your weight

Example: ahbagtorificahhh! My foot!

@ahgt:= A dislike for all screwdrivers that aren’t clear

Example: That handyman has an ahgt.

@ahmunna, omminnuh:= A foreshortening or corruption of the phrase I am going to... Heard in everyday conversation many times a day, especially in northeastern cities.

Example: Ahmunna get some lunch. Ahmunna go straight home after work. Ahmunna go to the Pirates game Sattidy. Ahmunna start speaking clearly.

@Ahnpakatanakiwuzhiner:= Ahn-paak-ah-tah-nah-kee-woo-zhi-nehr.

A male child who is the middle child in a family of three children.

The child is usually eccentric but intelligent.

Example: Robert was an ahnpakatanakiwuzhiner. His older brother and younger sister were not as smart as he was.

@aight:= An acknowledgement.

Example: Aight, then let's go.

@airbiscuit:= Foul stench emitted as by-product of digestion

Example: Better hold your nose. I've just floated an airbiscuit your way.

@airdale:= U.S. Naval Term. Any naval crewman that either flies in naval aircraft, or,

even though ground or ship-based,

is directly assigned to one of the naval ratings (job categories) that support flying operations.

In common use in today’s U.S. Navy, the origin of the term is not clear,

though it obviously derives from the “air” aspect of flying.

It is one of three terms that very generally classifies a sailor into one of the three levels on which

the Navy operates and fights: below the sea (bubbleheads), on the sea (skimmers), and above the sea (airdales).

Example: One sailor speaking to another: “What does Jones do on the aircraft carrier?” “He’s an airdale.”

@aireolplabn:= What drunk people fly in.

Example: Uurrhh...time to get into the aireolplabn.

@airier:= Where there is more air.

Example: It's too stuffy in here. Let's go outside where it is airier.

@airish:= Of weather that is rather cool, but not cold.

Example: It's rather airish today, don't you think?

@airishable:= An adjective used, as far as I know, only by my wife's mother, to describe a sudden sensation of coolness or a quick drop in temperature. Almost always preceded by the adverb mite.

Example: I think I'll put my sweater on. It's getting a mite airishable all of a sudden.

@Ajasopunctualism:= Being beside the point.

Example: Random comments in a conversation are often ajasopunctualism.

@ajax:= An exceptionally attractive girl.

Example: Check out that girl, she's ajax.

@akalaitis:= Unpleasant term for a vague ailment, usually of the upper respiratory tract.

Example: I can't come out and play, my acute akalaitis is acting up again.

@aks:= Used by Bogan's to replace the word ask.

Example: It wasn't me, aks anyone!

@akshat:= 1. The holy rice applied on forehead of human on auspicious occassion in Hindus.

2. One who couldn't be hurt. Kshat in Hindi means who could be hurt (K remains silent.) and in Hindi when a is written before any word it means just opposite of that word.

Example: 1. Hey, apply akshat now.

2. He has got akshat body.

@Akward:= Ass backward

Example: Man you peopl are akward.

@Al-oholic:= A person who is addicted to Weird Al Yankovic.

Example: After hearing Weird Al's first album, I became an Al-oholic.

@alamak:= Slang for Oh my god! Asian style. Used when a friend makes a mistake so dumb that....

Example: Alamak! Wake up your ideas!

@alap:= Acronym for As Long As Possible.

Example: He had to take the abuse, threats, and taunts in order to keep the money flowing ALAP.

@albumnesia:= A mental condition whereby one loses all memory of what music to buy when entering a record store.

Example: I was about to get Pete's newest CD, but albumnesia set in the moment I got in the store.

@alchitude:= Al-ka-tude. The psudo-confidence or attitude one develops after a few alchoholic beverages.

Example: He's got alchitude.

@alcohoholic:= An accusation made by someone that is inebriated towards

someone else who is perceived to be more inebriated.

Example: In a slurred voice: Hey, Chris. You're an alcohoholic! (Followed by vomiting.)

@alcohol abuse:= The spilling, waste, or destruction of otherwise perfectly good booze. It only retains this meaning when said in jest and affection. Alcohol abuse usually occurs after someone has had enough to drink but can occur anytime.

Example: The beer fairy was bumped and dropped the entire tray of fresh brews. Everyone groaned to see so much alcohol abuse.

@alcoholique:= An alcoholic who drinks from the top shelf, preferably in martini glasses. Does not include top-shelf beers.

Example: Have you heard the rumour? Britney Spears is a bonafide alcoholique.

@aldoh:= although

Example: aldoh m old me still a prankster

@ale-adote:= The best cure for a hard day or week...an ale.

Example: It has been a real tough week. I think I need a an ale-adote tonight.

@aleeanated:= Having offended someone under the influence of beer.

Example: I really aleeanated Geoff the other day when I got smashed and commented on his mother's likeness to a mountain goat.

@aleoxide:= The vapor that forms when a bottle or can of beer is opened.

Example: The aleoxide represents the bouquet of the of the beer.

@aleticipation:= The anticipation of ale. Most intense immediately before quaffing the first pint on a Friday arvo.

Example: Its 4.30 on a friday, and I am overcome with aleticipation - give me the beer!

@alfie:= To ponder the meaning of your own existence.

Example: Her insomnia caused her to lay awake and alfie all night.

@algebras:= Phone number (digits). From The Jamie Foxx Show.

Example: That honey's cute. Slip her my algebras.

@algebratize:= To algebratize is to simplify a complicated mathematical result using algebra to make it more elegant (and more likely to match the answer in the back of the book and multiple choice answers on a standardized test, like the AP calculus exam).

Example: In calculus, when the result of a derivative uses both the quotient and chain rules, it is usually worth your time to algebratize the answer. The algebratization (noun variant) is much easier to check in the back of the book.

@Alice:= A generic name given to someone who is bothering you. Not limited to females.

Example: Hey, Alice, if you can't drive it, park it.

@alkisedated:= To be sedated by alcohol, passed out.

Example: I was alkisedated and woke up in a cow pasture only wearing one shoe.

@all about:= Used to show intense enthusiasm.

Example: Guys, I'm all about leaving. Yeah, well, I'm all about finishing my burger.

@all blown up:= To be paged a lot or called a lot on a cell phone.

Example: I've been all blown up today.

@all flurbudgeoned:= Agitated and confused.

Example: I got all flurbudgeoned when Mike unexpectedly asked me out.

@all kinds of _____:= Very much. Adjective or verb can go in blank. Redundant way to describe something if you're stupid.

Example: That movie was all kinds of stupid.

That double quarter pounder with cheese combo supersized with coke was all kinds of tasty.

@all kinds of:= Extremely.

Example: Your idea is all kinds of stupid.

@All Show, No Go:= A car that looks flashy, with an expensive paintjob, chrome running gear, blue shop lights stuck to the undercarriage, tinted windows, shiny 20-inch wheels, deck stripes, and a gold chain license plate frame--but still has an anemic 4 banger under the hood.

Example: Did you see that flashy little rice burner trying to race me? Ha, all show, no go!

@All squared away:= Have things all taken care of.

Example: Did you and Sam get things all squared away?

@all y'all:= More than two people

Example: Are all y'all going to the party?

@all your base are belong to us:= From the game Zero Wing for the Sega Genesis, the result of not enough money being spent on translation.

Used to indicate victory or general superiority over someone or something.

Has become enormously popular among internet geeks.


@all:= A shortened way of saying: All gone. All done. All over. Used in the Lancaster County area of PA.

Example: I have to go to the store, because the milk is all.

We can open the windows now that the rain is all.

The traffic was bad after the ball game was all.

@allatime:= All the time.

Example: He makes that face allatime when he's upset.

@alligator property:= Real estate terminology meaning a negative cash flow property

Example: That's a real alligator property--its payment is $200.00 more a month than the rental income.

@Alligator:= A person who makes allegations.

Example: There's been allegations made, and we need to find out who the alligator is.

@allner:= A partner who acts likes he owns everything; a former partner who now owns everything.

Example: His ex life-partner stole so much you could now call her an absent allner.

@alloneword:= Containing no spaces, as in an internet or email address.

Example: My email address is JohnSmith, alloneword, at AOL dot com.

@alloway:= hello

Example: allway how goes life y'all

@allugot:= All you have; everything.

Example: How much do you think this marriage will cost? Allugot.

@Ally McHurl:= Someone who has an eating disorder.

Example: I don't know why he asked her to dinner--she's an Ally McHurl.

@allymcbealing:= Talking to oneself aloud and having hallucinations.

Example: Oh, my Ggod, I'm allymcbealing!

@alphanerd:= Manager of Information Services, any IT professional from whom other IT workers take direction.

Geekish IT person who has been forced into management.

Example: A: What kind of IT resources will we need to implement this accounting policy?

B: I dunno. I'll need to fly it past the alphanerd.

@alponium:= The odor that wafts up after opening a can of dog or cat food.

Example: The moment I opened the can I was mobbed by dogs excited by the sudden release of alponium.

@alpopuck:= Empty dogfood dish being pushed across the floor by a hungry dog.

Example: Harvey could be heard pushing his alpopuck across the kitchen with hopes to find one last morsel of food.

@altaneor:= A place where strange things happen.

Example: In the altaneor of The Bermuda Triangle another ship has disappeared without a clue.

@altivious:= The word describes things that are stupid, idiotic, etc. Instead of saying something is gay you say it is altivious (that way it's PC and not hate speech).

Example: That movie sucked! becomes That movie was altivious!

@altonestrogen:= Uh.

Example: Well, altonestrogen, it really has been a hard day.

@altzheimer's:= A condition afflicting chronic hipsters who can no longer recall if they like something genuinely,

or ironically.

Example: As Ron stared in bewilderment at the hideous leather pants and retro Star Wars

sheets he had just purchased, he realized his Altzheimer's was advancing with terrifying speed.

@ALYWING:= acting like your working

Example: Stop ALYWING. I know better, Missy.

@alzphoners disease:= the disease that occurs when someone constantly says 'Ill Call Ya Tonite and never does

Example: My man has the worst case of alzphoners disease Ive ever seen

@Amadeus:= Describes a person or attitude which is musically inclined.

Example: Wow listen to him play! He's gettin' all Amadeus over there.

@amahyeud:= A fnerry person who likes to laugh a lot.

Example: Stop it, you amahyeud! You're laughing like crazy.

@Amasnic:= Pronounced with a hard 's': an adjective to describe something that is amazing, orgasmic, and fantastic.

Example: That slice of pie was completely amasnic.

@amazoness:= Amazon + -ess, the feminine suffix. One of a fabulous race of female warriors in Scythia who is a female; as opposed to one of a fabulous race of female warriors in Scythia who is a male.

Example: In English language, the term Amazon is feminine. The suffix -ess is also feminine. Thus, the invented word Amazoness is a redundancy.

@Ambeyonce:= Ambience + Beyonce (Knowles, member of Destiny's Child) = Ambeyonce.

The enhancement of one's environment by the addition of music performed by the group Destiny's Child.

Example: Girl, turn up 'Bootylicious.' We need some ambeyonce up in here

@Ambiamerican:= American who has double nationalities, but both must be North American or South American.

Example: He is from Mexico but he is also American, so he is Ambiamerican.

@Ambiamourous, ambiamorous:= Loving two people at the same time.

Example: I can't choose between Harvey or Stanley. I'm totally ambiamourous.

@ambidexnoxious:= The ability to tick people off left and right.

Example: Most politicians are ambidexnoxious.

@ambidextrilonomous:= The ability to fight with two swords, one in each hand.

Example: The ambidextrilonomous warrior stood before his enemy....

@Ambidextrousnessnossity:= This word means the amount that a person is ambidextrous. developed during a game of DnD

Example: He has a very high ambidextrousnessnossity

@ambidiguous:= The ability to use both hands for either meaning.

Example: The trouble with understanding her is that she's ambidiguous. I didn't know which hand to believe.

@ambigusexual:= Of undetermined sexual orientation.

Example: Is he gay? I don't know. He's being ambigusexual.

@ambimoustrous:= Equally adept at using a computer's mouse with either hand - often in reaction to early-onset RSI.

Example: Oh, Paul's mouse is always on the wrong side of the PC - he's not a leftie though, he's ambimoustrous.

@ambipodius:= Ability to stick either foot in your mouth.

Example: Did you know I'm ambipodius?

@ambipodrous:= Able to use either foot equally to kick a ball.

Example: The goallie never knows which foot he will kick with because he is ambipodrous.

@ambisexterous:= Can go either way.

Example: Sam had sex with Cindy this morning and Matthew this afternoon.

@ambisinistrous:= The opposite of ambidextrous; defined as the quality of being a klutz with either hand.

Example: You're ambisinistrous, aren't you? See if you can screw it up righthanded.

@ambiturner:= One who can turn both left and right. From the film _Zoolander_, screenplay by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

Example: Derek Zoolander, I'm not an ambiturner.

@ambivaliant:= Brave in the face of the unexpected.

Example: The ambivaliant scout leader found a cave for his troop when the storm begun.

@ambivasexual:= Ambivalent toward sex. Often happens near the end of a relationship.

Example: My heart just isn't into it. I'm feeling abivasexual toward him.

@ambivextrous:= Used to describe someone who is going to be annoyed no matter what you do.

Example: Oh, don't waste your time trying to figure out what'll make her happy--she's ambivextrous.

@ambulanche:= Ambulance avalanche. An onslaught of emergency vehicles in full siren mode that appear out of nowhere, usually resulting in your missing a turn or taking the wrong exit on the freeway.

Example: Sorry I'm late, but I was caught in an ambulanche and ended up on the Jersey Turnpike.

@Amersham:= 1. The sneeze that doesn't quite come. 2. A rather sweet town in the UK.

Example: A:AAAAaaaaaaa... B: That was one hell of an amersham.

@Amiland:= German nickname for the USA.

Example: Next summer holidays, I'll go to Amiland.

@Amish ass-crack of dawn:= Early morning hours, before 9 am.

Example: Why do I have a 9 o'clock class? I have to get up at the Amish ass-crack of dawn.

@amma:= I am going to. Sometimes spelled I'm a.

Example: Amma be finished with my SATs around noon.

@amn't:= A compound word meaning am not.

When you want to use proper English don't use aren't. You wouldn't use are not, would you?

Example: I amn't going to the store right now, maybe later.

@amn't:= Am not.

Example: I amn't interested.

@amoeba bill:= In romantic relationships, a person who is emotionally unavailable to you (within mere days) but is always open to romantic opportunities with others.

Example: Eustace courted Raven with ardency until two days later when he met Brigitte. He then proceeded to appall Raven with his passionate compliments about Brigitte. What an amoeba bill.

@amonet:= From the movie Clueless. A person who is good-looking from far away, but up close....

Example: I thought that girl over there was a babe at first, but she turned out to be a full amonet.

@amorroneous:= From amor and erroneous...the wrong time for romance

Example: Don't be amorroneous; we're

in public.

@ampedified:= Modified to look better than the real thing. An image improved with Photoshop.

Example: I don't believe that's what he looks like. I am sure those pictures were ampedified.

@amsterdamaged:= To return from a trip from Amsterdam not completely intact.

To be hung over or not fully recovered from partying too hard.

Example: Man, was we amsterdamaged after last night.

@AMT:= Actress-Model Type. A pervasive class of people that are best identified

immediately and dealt with accordingly.

Example: I haven't heard from Pete in days because he's seeing some AMT.

@amtrak:= To lose your train of thought; to forget what you're saying in the middle of a ....

Example: I amtraked in class today.

I was explaining Einstein's Theory of Relativity

and right as I said E=mc, I completely forgot what I was saying.

@amuseal:= Combination of amusement and perusal. Something that one examines or reads that also provides entertainment.

Example: Attached is a PDF for your amuseal.

@amuzimatistical:= amazing

Example: That track by method man was straight up amuzimatistical.

@Amway Christian:= A fundamentalist Christian who has forgotten the original message of Jesus Christ--to help the less fortunate.

Amway Christians subvert the message to instead become a celebration of how rich Jesus has made them.

Socially conservative Christians who utilize multi-level marketing, akin to Amway Corporation, combining Christianity and capitalism without seeing the contradiction.

Example: The Alliance Church parking lot is full of Mercedes and Lexuses.

The Amway Christians must be having their bible study meeting.

@an' so:= Used at the end of a sentence, usually when asking a question.

Example: Let's go down by the lake, an' so?

@an emotional chiropractor:= A mother. I once sent my mother a Mother's Day card that said Happy Day, You Mother.

She never commented about it, but I don't believe she liked it or thought is was funny.

Example: Mom's an emotional chiropractor, better than any psychriatrist or psychologist could possibly be. Sit up straight. Eat your biscuits and gravy; they'll stick to your ribs. Stand up for yourself. Don't be a spineless jellyfish. Show them you have some backbone. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

@analjeeezic:= A sportsrub that is shockingly too cold, or too hot.

Example: Warn me first. Is it analjeeezic?

@Analog:= Outdated or old-fashioned. Opposite of digital.

Example: Using a paper day planner is analog, so I prefer my pocket computer.

@anarchaholic:= An alcoholic whose method of rationalization involves an indictment of governmental

bodies and the capitalist economic system.

Example: Larry's anarchaholic tendencies irritated even the most open and tolerant of the squatters.

@anarchitecture:= Anarchic architecture, creative destruction. A city with no planning and with no respect for construction standards.

Example: Frank Lloyd Wright must have thought New York City to be a great example of anarchitecture. Asked what could be done with the city, he suggested dropping an atomic bomb on it.

@anarcho-fascism:= The theory that an anarchic society, having no infringements, can and should be brought about through a harsh authoritarian state. It is believed that since the people don't come to this freedom on their own, it must be imposed on them.

Example: When Mr. X rose to power, he created a society based on anarcho-fascism.

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