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2. More beautiful things could take place in society if antiprostyle would be abandonnated.

@antiscurvies:= Green vegetables, or limes, for avoidance of scurvy.

Example: No desert until you eat your antiscurvies.

@antittilate:= (v) To tickle or prod with any sort of rod-like object, esp. an antenna.

Example: Despite the woman's scorn, Sven was antittilated by the icy tip of the ten-foot pole.

@antochent:= A yard full of ant hills.

Example: I've got an antochent.

@any brushes?:= Musician slang: You're playing too loud/fast/slow and maybe you'd better 'tone it down.'

Shorthand for turn it down--you're too loaded, etc.

Example: Yo, Ringo? RINGO?! Any brushes?

@anyhoo:= Play on anyhow

Example: Anyhoo, I think I should go now.

@anykey:= It is what dumb people look for when there computer tells them to press any key.

Example: Where's the anykey?

@anywho:= A variation on the word anyway, usually to be followed by a long pause and a change in topic of conversation.

Example: Anywho, that's enough of talking about Dave. What's up with you?

@anywhoodles:= Play on anyhow.

Example: Anywhoodles, I think I should go now.

@aohater:= One who hates users of the America Online internet service provider.

Example: You guys are all aohaters. Leave use AOL users alone.

@Aomori:= One who is very gifted in music. Specifically used to describe a Julliard student.

Example: Did you see how fast that aomori played the concerto? He did it in a second.

@apas:= as possible as soon

Example: I'll come apas

@ape-fest:= A rowdy party. Danish.

Example: Erasmus's birthday party was an ape-fest.

@ape-touching:= Describes an item that a person is in great awe of. A reference to the Dawn of Man scene in _2001: A Space Odyssey_.

Example: That's an ape-touching new widescreen TV you've got there.

@Apenuts:= To go crazy. To be crazy about something, or simply lose your mind, like going senile or mad.

Example: Upon receiving a strong dose of catnip, the feline warrior went apenuts.

@apinfinate:= To do something unexpected when all expectations and current trends suggest

that an event is not going to happen

Example: My stocks apinfinated.

@aplus:= See you later. From the French a plus tard. Even shorter, a+.

Example: I'm leaving now. Aplus.

@apperceivement:= like the word apperceive partially digested by the word perceivement. this word implies perceivement, but with more of the sense of physically undergoing the perceived experiance.

Example: It seemed now that she existed in a new, separate reality far beyond her physical apperceivement.

@apple knocker:= a hick or redneck, someone who runs around in overalls and knocks apples off trees with a stick

Example: That guy from Mountain Top, PA sure is an apple knocker.

@appletite:= Desire for apples.

Example: The aroma of apple pie baking will usually stimulate my appletite.

@appreciagate:= Being both grateful and appreciative.

Example: I really appreciagate all you've done for me!

@apropospropriate:= Not only right, but right at the right time.

Example: His remark was apropospropriate.

@apulchrous:= Not beautiful at all.

Example: Unfortunately, there were a lot of apulchrous girls at the party.

@aquabatty:= For one who pretends to be a superhero.

Example: The Tick is sooo aquabatty.

@aquadextrous:= Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub tap on and off with your toes.

Example: Becca proved to be aquadextrous when she turned off the bathtub tap with her toes.

@Aquaman:= Derogatory term for someone who's useless--

just as Aquaman was useless in the 1970s cartoon show The Superfriends.

Example: Doc: You can't borrow your dad's car and drive us? You're useless, Aquaman.

Den: So, I guess that means you'll drive. Eh?

@aquamaroon:= A color--like bloody water or something.

Example: After the shark attacked, the water was all aquamaroon instead of its normal clear blue color.

@aquanaut:= Condensation that drips off a cold glass and lands on you.

Combination of aqua and astronaut.

Example: Don't you hate it when your glass drips aquanauts on your blouse?

@aquarel:= Aquatic apparrel. Diving equiptment, and such.

Example: Just a mo, got to get me aquarel.

@araber:= One who sells produce on the sidewalk or street, usually from a horse-drawn wagon.

Example: The araber paid his assistant in fruit for tending his horse.

@Arachibutyrophobia:= Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

Example: Some people get arachibutyrophobia when they eat sandwiches.

@arachnospasm:= (n) Wild gyrations one makes upon running into an unseen spider web.

Example: Derek didn't see the spider web. When it hit him in the face, he flailed wildly--he had an arachnospasm, I'd say.

@arama!:= a suffix you add to the name of someone you are fond of as a greeting(you may have to shorten the name)

Example: delerama! (for delyth)

@arbit:= (adj) Existing without order or predetermined reason (from arbitrary).

Example: This snowstorm is arbit; we were just supposed to get rain.

@arbitraitor:= A judge who has been or can be bribed.

Example: 1. Unfortunately, the International Skating Union seems to select too many arbitraitors to be judges. Not as bad as the basketball officials in the 1972 Olympics, though.

2. I dunno. Was the judge who overturned the murder conviction of Margaret Knoller an arbitraitor? Sure looked more and more that way when she was sentenced to only four years for involuntary manslaughter--and perjury.

@arborescence, arbo:= From the French word for flowchart. Commonly used among Montreal web designers.

Example: Hey, did you finish the arborescence yet? I need an arbo before I start working on the interface.

@arcane logic:= Secret or hard to understand logic.

Example: Spock readliy shows arcane logic.

@archistructure:= The framework of a design, particularly in software development projects.

Concantenation of architecture and structure.

Example: The program's archistructure is fundamentally flawed.

@architectrist:= A female architect. (Possibly an architectrix, as well.)

Example: She was the greatest architectrist of the 20th century.

@ARCHITORTURE:= Post war, quickly built buildings made without any sense of aesthetics or archtectural history,and designed with planned obsolescense in mind.

Example: The street was filled with buildings that can only be described as architorture.

@Are you ready? Let's roll!:= When Todd Beamer and other passengers on hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 decided to fight the terrorists on September 11, 2001,

Todd said, Are you ready? Let's roll!

That signalled to the other passengers that it was time to attack and try to take out the terrorists before the airplane reached the target the terrorists were aiming for.

From the website given: Checks can be sent to:

Todd Beamer Foundation

PO Box 32

Cranbury, NJ 08512

*A nonprofit organization whose mission is meeting the long-term needs of the children who lost a parent in the events of September 11th, 2001, assisting future victims of terrorism, and continuing Todd’s passion for mentoring and equipping youth to make the same heroic choices he did throughout his life.

Example: In the now immortal words of Todd, Are you ready? Let's roll!

@Area 51ers:= People who will see a conspiracy in everything.

Example: Well, Princess Diana is dead then. I expect the Area 51ers will claim she was assasinated by UFOs.

@Arfenhouse:= A mansion-sized house with only one room. Tends to be high in property value for no reason whatsoever.

Example: The realtor sold the Arfenhouse for eleven billion dollars.

@Arg:= Used to describe discontent. Especially if you just realized you seriously screwed something up. Usually used at the begining of a sentence, but can be used at the end again to make sure your discontent is clear or for more effect.

Example: Arg! I spent three hours doing this essay question and I did the wrong one. Arg!

@arga:= Arguing.

Example: Don't arga me!

@argargat:= An eight-letter word which was invented in 1997 as part of a psychology coursework exercise.

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