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I. Repeat the words after the teacher

Mercury, Caucasus, ′frigate, lieutenant, squadron, horizon, inevitable, swarm, wounded

II. Read and translate the international words

brig, special, patrol, frigate, commander, captain, lieutenant, squadron, horizon, admiral, military, tradition, junior, navigator, pump, officer, powder, magazine, pistol, attack, cannonade, brave, action, monument, architect, design, crowned, bronze, triera

III. Read and translate the information using the vocabulary

IV. Translate the verbs, give the three forms

lay, protect, order, cruise, notice, consist, sail, count, reduce, reach, wait, catch, sink, escape, hope, fight, hold, express, can, must, knock, pump, survive, burn, appeal, disgrace, declare, begin, try, skirt, fire, manage, dodge, find, flow, demand, surrender, reply, damage, lie to, go on, repel, stop, die away, consider, join, appreciate, write, add, reward, introduce, build, erect, gather, crown

V. Give the derivatives of the words; translate them

success, come, accord, possible, survive, board, final, accurate, cannon, brave, sea

VI. Give Russian equivalents

to protect the coast, the way out of the strait, having counted Turkish pennants, gradually reached Mercury, the rest of the squadron, refractory brig, chance to escape, successful outcome, a council of war, a man of junior rank, to express opinion, must not be taken prisoner, to pump the water out of the hold, any survival officer, burn a powder magazine, not to disgrace the honour of the Andreev flag, to be true to the duty and oath, to skirt the brig from starboard, to fire a volley, the port side of the ship, demand to surrender, to repel attacks, to put a flag half mast, wounded brig, to add a chapter to the book of glory, brig’s capstan, according to the design, to the posterity

VII. Answer the questions

  1. What type of ship was Mercury?

  2. When was she laid down?

  3. What was she laid down for?

  4. What ships cruised near the strait of Bosporus at the end of Russian-Turkish war?

  5. When did the war take place?

  6. What squadron sailed from Anatolia on the 14th of May?

  7. What did the Russian ships do?

  8. How many Turkish ships reached Mercury?

  9. What did the rest of the Turkish squadron do?

  10. How many guns did the Turkish ships have?

  11. How many guns were there on the Mercury?

  12. What old military tradition did the Russian fleet have?

  13. What did navigator Prokofiev say?

  14. What flag was there on Mercury?

  15. Who was the commander of Mercury?

  16. What did Mercury do to the demand to surrender?

  17. In what way did Mercury damage Selime and Real-bei?

  18. What did Standart and Orfey do when the battle was over?

  19. Why did they do it?

  20. How did the Turks appreciate the feat of Mercury?

  21. In what way was the brig Mercury rewarded?

  22. What monument was erected in honour of Mercury?

  23. Who gave money for the monument?

VIII. Insert prepositions and adverbs

  1. Brig “Mercury” was laid … in Sevastopol on the 28th of January 1819.

  2. Three Russian ships were ordered to cruise … the way … … the strait Bosporus.

  3. … dawn, ship’s crew noticed Turkish squadron consisting … 14 ships.

  4. “Standart” and “Orfey” soon reduced … two fluffy clouds … the horizon.

  5. The rest of the Turkish squadron lay … waiting when the admirals would catch or sink refractory Russian brig.

  6. 184 guns … 20 left no hope … a successful outcome of the fight.

  7. … the first Turkish shots a council of war was held … the brig.

  8. According … the old military tradition a man of a junior rank had a privilege to express his opinion first.

  9. Navigator I. P. Prokofiev said: “We cannot escape our enemy. We will fight. Russian brig must not be taken prisoner, and if masts and spars are knocked … and it is impossible to pump the water in the hold …, any survival officer should burn a powder magazine … a pistol shot.”

  10. All on board declared that they would be true … their duty and oath.

  11. The real battle began when “Selime” tried to skirt the brig … starboard.

  12. But the brig found itself … both ships.

  13. … the demand to surrender the brig replied … volleys and rifle shots.

  14. “Real-bei” went … a battle … cruel fore-and-aft volleys.

  15. “Mercury” repelled all attacks … another good shot damaged the fore-topsail-yard of the Turkish ship.

  16. “Standart” and “Orfey” put a flag … half mast signifying the mourning.

  17. The next day the wounded brig joined … the Russian Fleet.

  18. Brig’s feat was highly appreciated … the enemy.

  19. Ship’s crew which added a chapter … the book of Russian sea glory was handsomely rewarded.

  20. The Senate Heraldry Department introduced the picture … the pistol which was placed … the brig’s capstan … the powder magazine.

  21. In 1834 the monument built according … the design of the architect Brullov was erected … Sevastopol … the money gathered … seamen.

  22. The high monument with the words: “… Kazarsky. … the posterity as an example”.

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