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I. Repeat the words after the teacher

thaw, council, bureaucratically, indigenous, roughly, archi′pelago, absorptive, accessible, lucrative, route, tra′verse, observer, threatening, enthusiast, robustness, tiresomely, bemoans, sovereignty, figuratively, squabble, binding, enormous, po′licing

II. Read and translate the international words

politics, region, bureaucratically, archipelago, global, result, reserve, supertanker, traverse, potential, plus, status, committee, dissident, enthusiast, resource, tradition, club, sovereignty, polar, dispute, shelf, outsider, mission, energy

III. Read and translate the information using the vocabulary

IV. Translate the verbs, give the three forms

thaw, chair, vote, represent, replace, retain, speed, retreat, become, estimate, discover, aid, traverse, hug, ply, apply, threaten, observe, award, jail, deny, mix, own, display, admit, bemoan, delay, limit, watch, expand, define, surround, govern, rumble, erupt, found, promote, bind, respond, cause, ooze, find, serve

V. Give the derivatives of the words

back, represent, rough, large, access, discover, tanker, ice, north, large, member, side, part, act, agree, explore, develop

VI. Give Russian equivalents

once a backwater, not any more, to chair the meeting, indigenous peoples, twice as fast as, retains more heat, the ice retreats, become accessible, undiscovered gas reserves, nuclear icebreaker, ply trade lanes, as observers, own the lion’s share, bemoan the seal slaughter, ground for delay, dangerous scramble, international treaty, shipping route, to promote joint scientific research, marine pollution, sign the agreement, respond to oil spills, plant the flag, marine border, state-owned company, joint venture

VII. Arrange the following in pairs of synonyms

  1. aid a. agreement

  2. deal b. answer

  3. deposits c. business

  4. display d. cross

  5. explore e. dispute

  6. indigenous f. help

  7. lane g. keep

  8. lucrative h. local

  9. marine i. look for

  10. ply j. melt

  11. rescue k. profitable

  12. respond l. research

  13. retain m. resources

  14. search n. sail

  15. squabble o. save

  16. thaw p. sea

  17. traverse q. sea way

  18. venture r. ship

  19. vessel s. show

VIII. Arrange the following in pairs of antonyms

  1. absorptive a. attack

  2. amity b. cleaning

  3. cut c. cold

  4. dark d. dangerous

  5. distinctive e. discovered

  6. enormous f. foreign

  7. entirely g. freeze

  8. indigenous h. increase

  9. peace i. light

  10. policing j. partly

  11. pollution k. private

  12. retreat l. reflective

  13. safe m. riot

  14. state-owned n. small

  15. thaw o. squabble

  16. undiscovered p. usual

  17. warm q. war

IX. Grammar revision

Translate the sentences into Russian

  1. China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore, plus Italy, have applied to join the Arctic Council as observers; so has the European Union.

  2. The Arctic is warming; so is the Northern Sea.

  3. Norway was threatening to block China’s bid. So was Sweden.

  4. China can be a member of the club, so can South Korea.

  5. Gas becomes accessible, so do other minerals.

  6. Norway threatened to block China’s bid. So did Sweden.

Translate the sentences into English

  1. Россия является членом Арктического Совета. Канада тоже.

  2. Холод в Арктике отступает. Лёд тоже.

  3. Норвежские газеты сообщали об этом. Российские тоже.

  4. Роснефть и Экссон Мобил могут иметь совместное предприятие. Также и другие компании.

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