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Ж .Hi Roman

Р. Hi Eugen!!!

Ж. Tell me please Roman what do you think about a marriage?

Р. Why do you ask me this question? Maybe are you fallen in love with smb?

Ж. No ….no…no…. I just want to tell about marriage, marriage for love! Do you believe that there are marriages for love?

Р. Maybe. Who knows. And you?

Ж. Yes! I do believe! I think marriage for love is a big thing in our life. You must understand when two person getting married , bearing the children because they love each other

Р. But On the one hand, the love may break because we all do mistakes on our life’s way. When you think that it is not so it’s just a feeling.

Ж. Really you think so!!!! Trust me . On the other hand, if you will meet your second part and fallen in love with each other that your thinks about these problems will go on the second plan.

Р. I understand you well. Good luck with choice your second part

Ж. Thank you very much!!! You too!!!