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English as an international language

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English as an international language The spread of the English language has become a key factor in the universal mode of living development acceleration. If English is becoming the basic language of an intercourse, the consequence is that the English speaking cultures are going to be dominating all over the world. English is becoming truly first "world language". 1. More than 500 million people in 12 countries have the English as their mother tongue. (It is spoken as a second language by around 600 million people) 2. Over 600 million people speak English as a second language and an additional 100 million people have the certain knowledge of English, that has an official or semiofficial status in about 62 countries. 3. There are 300 million Chinese people worldwide who learn English, and its more than the entire population of United States. 4. In France, state secondary schools provide a compulsory English- or German-language learning for 4 years, the majority of their students, at least 85%, choose English as their second foreign language. 5. In Japan students are to learn English in the middle school for 6 years.

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