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19. Work with your partner. Imagine you are going to get a new job and you are being interviewed by a hiring manager (hm). Complete the conversation.


Please, come in. Sit down.



Now, what’s your name?



Ah, yes. Now, when did you finish school?



Fine. And where did you go to school?



What were your best subjects?



I see. And what subjects didn’t you like studying?






And hobbies... What do you like doing in your leisure time?



What sort of job do you want to do?



Why do you think you’d like doing that?



Well, thank you very much.

20. Complete the sentences. Use in, with, at, about, on.

  1. What sports are you good ___?

  2. What kind of music are you interested ___?

  3. Who do you live ___?

  4. What sort of things do you worry ___?

  5. What do you spend the most money ___?

21. Write questions that match the answers.

  1. I’m interested in lots of different things.

What ______________________________?

  1. I’m good at playing the guitar.

What ______________________________?

  1. I’m keen on table tennis.

What ______________________________?

  1. I belong to a sports club.

What clubs or groups _________________?

  1. I applied to SUSU.

Which university ____________________?

  1. I live with my parents.


  1. I worry about finding a job and about money.

What kind of things___________________?

  1. I spend my money on education.

What ______________________________?

22. Write the words in order to complete the questions. Then answer the questions.

  1. your – What – name – is – full ?

  2. old – you – How – are ?

  3. you – born – When – were ?

  4. come – you – do – from – Where?

  5. Where – you – now – do – live ?

  6. arrive – you – When – here – did ?

  7. finish – you – did – school – When ?

  8. good – subjects – were – What – at – you ?

  9. you – English – at – good – Were ?

  10. now – do – What – you – do ?

  11. you – to – university – apply – Which – did ?

  12. are – graduation – going – upon – to be – you – What ?

  13. sort – you – What – of – are – person ?

  14. What – in – you – interested – are ?

  15. favourite – are – activities – What – your – leisure ?

23. Read the text and do the tasks below.

Hello. My name is Paul Simon. I am British. I am from Bristol, which is situated on the river Avon, in the South–West of England. I’m a language student at Christ Church College in Oxford. Christ Church College is quite famous and I’m proud to be a student of it. I’m twenty. I’m not married yet, I’m single. My new friends are from various countries – Spain, Italy, France, Ger­many, Holland and Japan, too. We are very friendly but it isn’t quite easy to understand each other. You see, our accents are so different! Sabine is French. Her home town is Bordeaux. She is in her late teens. Sabine is very smart and her English is rather good. She is keen on clas­sical music and art. Mr Lewis, our language teacher is from Manchester. He is intelligent, experienced and always ready to help. My favourite subjects are Litera­ture and History. I’m also interested in Natural Sciences and I’m good at sports. My hobbies are table tennis and computer games.

Am I happy here? Yes, sure. The only trouble is my parents are far away and I feel a bit lonely sometimes.

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